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Interview with Dr. Guven Uzun - Playa Medical Plaza PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 30 October 2014 19:52

1  Dr. Uzun, can you please briefly tell us about your career path?  How did you decide to pursue a career in the health care business?

I graduated from medical school at Ege University in Izmir in 1990 and then came here [Playa Medical Plaza/ USA]. I had a research internship at Columbia University in New York till 1994. Then I had a surgical internship at Columbia University in 1995. After that, I went to neurology career at University of Pittsburgh. I started my practice in neurology and sport injury practice in Beverly Hills, California in 2000. I have been practicing it for 15 years: that is how I have been involved in the health care career. I have many publications regarding brain injury and spine injury. The last publication that I had is about stem cells of pluripotent cells, brain and spine injuries, neurology, and future medical aspect.

[Today] I'm a doctor, a physician. I had been trained as neurologist in pain and general health. Therefore, my career basically starts as the neurologist. In addition, I had special training in stroke, pain, and sports/spine injuries.




2 Can you please describe the history and the important history moments of playa medical plaza briefly?

I have been working in Beverly Hills for the last 15 years under the business name Beverly Pain Institute in neurology. Later we opened a business Medical Plaza which is a multi-specialty care center with urgent care that we named an emergency care. We have multi specialists there. We also have a group of surgeons and doctors. We can treat any patient who comes with acute, non- life threatening issues.


3 How would you differentiate playa medical plaza from others in the same sector? What makes playa medical plaza stands out among others?

The advantage of this place is that we have many specialists that patients can select from. Patient can receive many procedures at one place and they can see the same doctor for the same instance. We have surgery rooms, multi-specialty offices, and urgent care. All the specialists cooperate and all the patients know all the doctors. So, the communication and cooperation is very simple throughout the PT from one specialist to another.

The areas we do not specialize are heart, brain, and lung surgery. We operate spine, wampole, plastic, and joint surgeries. We have a unique approach of treatment, as well as minimal invasive treatment like for joint injuries. We use adipose tissue stem cells from belly fat and we spin, extract all stem cells and inject into joints to prevent surgery, reduce the surgery needs or/and have post surgery if any problem occurs with healing. The same with spine disk injury, neck pain, and sport joint injuries: by using platelet dry growth factor we inject those with any joint injuries. Basically, the healing is done perfectly in that way. In future, we will try not to use surgery with joint injuries.


4 Do you cooperate with similar medical centers on a local, regional, national, or/and global level? If so, how? And what are the main objectives of those kind collaborations?

We do not collaborate with similar medical centers yet.  We worked hard to open the center two years ago. [And today] it is a facility with 10 doctors, emergency care room, surgeons, and all kind of different specialists. We are also in the level to look up options to open another Plaza Center in downtown Las Angeles or even in Manhattan, New York. We consider Manhattan as a perfect place because of people’s busy life and professions there. People there do not want to waste their time and money with different doctors. Especially, considering that everyone is going to have a health insurance which means many people will go to hospitals. Therefore, the waiting time, surgical line, and risks and errors will be increased because of the volume (patient numbers at hospital). I think we have a perfect set of professionals who want to get everything done in the personalized level and quickly. I think it is a center (Playa Medical Plaza) of their choices. We also represent the future of health care because of all the recent changes in health care. So, people can have their personalized care done in the most advanced care as we do at our care center right now. Moreover, we participate in all updated meetings for trends in medicine. Therefore, we are trying to follow the most advanced treatments and create benefits for our patients.


5 Do you cooperate with similar to tacci organizations on a local, regional, national, or/and global level? If so, how? And what are the main objectives of those kind collaborations?

We cooperate with different health care related organizations. We have a Joint Commissions of Health Care Association of America; we are a gold member of the organization. We are also a member of American Association of Urgent Cares. The main objectives of these kinds of collaborations are to make sure we are about the standard, well certified, and we follow the trends of the industry. And in benefit of our patients, we have a nationwide organization which leads us: they know what we do and we know what they are up to today. So it is a like a parallel level of association for us.




6 Please describe what objectives, needs, and/or concerns do you want to accomplish as member of tacci. Please also add any relevant comments and recommendations.

I think TACCI is inter-mingling all the different businesses under one umbrella so they can communicate and utilize each other, and give an option to cooperate and collaborate business idea or ideas. For example, I am in health care sector and there is someone in pharmaceutical can give an idea to me that something I will use to improve my care center. Or vice versa, it will help to develop each other’s businesses by knowing each other in person. I think this is a role of TACCI: at least what I see for now. I currently do not know the TACCI members personally but I believe that developing and increasing members will be a harmonious environment.

The members have to meet at least three times a year and also at the annual meeting all together. In addition, TACCI needs to consider doing annual meeting in different part of the country, it will enhance TACCI's role in among the networking people and improving business performance for everyone. For example, having one meeting in New York this year, then in Chicago – Chicago is business attracting city, and then in Los Angeles. It will attract different people from different sectors who can become a member of TACCI in the future. By doing it, TACCI organization can become a global organization.

Also, I would like to ask the invitation of meetings to be sent in one month advance so that I can arrange my travel because I am in a different part of country. The advance schedule of meeting will help me and other organizations which are not located in New York area to buy their tickets ahead of time and join the meeting.


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Board of Directors of Turkish-American Chamber of Commerce & Industry proudly celebrates the 91st Anniversary of the Turkish Republic 





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Cimoglu Jewelry, represented by Mr. Orhan Bayram, has become a General Member of TACCI.

Cimoglu Jewelry has been active on retail; selling diamond, 22 carat gold, 14 carat gold and silver in the United States for 8 years. Skillful and experienced designers serve for our customers. Cimoglu family has been active for three generations in the jewelry industry since 1967 in the Turkish market.

Cimoglu Jewelry is specializing in imported Turkish gold, buying, selling and repairing gold, silver and watches. Whether you're searching for something specific, or as general as "a pair of earrings", Cimoglu Jewelry has got the goods-in every form imaginable.

1141B Main Street
Paterson, NJ 07503

Phone: 973.523.3800
Fax: 973.523.3806

Boron Seminar on 24-25 November in Ankara, Turkey PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 20:46

Boron Seminar will take place on 24-25 November at Ankara Congresium Convention Center in 2014 as part of EIF Boron Seminar “Boron 2014” will be held with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. EIF’2014 is a comprehensive organization that bureaucrats, company executives, leaders of the non-governmental organizations, academics and regulatory bodies will bring together.

ATO Congresium Ankara International Convention & Exhibition Centre


Date: 24-25 November


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Team of America Consulting, represented by Mr. Jimmy Cuneyt Gurkan, has become a General Member of TACCI.

Team Of America is a management consulting firm that focuses on Turkey, Eastern Europe, Turkic countries and CIS countries. Corporations, government agencies, ministries, chamber of commerce offices, development agencies partner with TOA to achive their goals in the United Sates of America.
International businesses, trade shows, B2B meetings, conferences, marketing events and travel arrangements are TOA's specialties. Our team members are professionals in business management, finance, tourism, energy, food, textile, real estate, construction, health and law.

One Bridge Plaza Suite 275 
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Sehit Erdogan Iban Sok:31 
Akatlar - Besiktas İstanbul
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