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TACCI organized a friendship dinner with Senator John L. Sampson, hosted by Serra Mediterranean Bistro on Dec 15, 2010

After the visit of TACCI executives to Mr. Sampson weeks ago, a friendship dinner with the senator was organized to strenghten the ties between Mr. Sampson and the Turkish community. Mr. Senator mentioned the importance of the Turkish community in New York, including his area (19th District) and he promised to work closer with the community in the future. Among the participants were Vice Consul Mr. Umit Kilic, Commercial Attache Mr. Ahmet Canli, TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis, TACCI board members Tahir Erimli, Gulay Oguzcan, Ridvan Sezer, Dr. Hakan Usal, Dr. Ozgen Dogan, Dr. Ilhami Kavanlikaya, President of Turkish Cultural Center Mr. Zafer Akin, Columbia University Professor Seyhan Arkonac and TACCI Member and ATAA Vice President Ali Cinar.



Breakfast in Honor of Mr. Yavuz Ozutku




TACCI Hosted a Breakfast in Honor of Mr. Yavuz Ozutku, Turkish Commercial Attache and TACCI Board Member, who has completed his three-year assignment in New York State. Before his return to Ankara, TACCI board members gathered to honor him and wish him good luck in his future endeavors. More than 20 attendees including Turkish Consul General Mr. Mehmet Samsar, TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis, Vice Consul Mr. Umit Alpaslan Kilic, Commercial Attaches Mr. Ahmet Canli and Mr. Yavuz Ozutku himself, TACCI Board Members Ms. Derya Taskin, Mr. Tahir Erimli, Mr. Ridvan Sezer, Mr. Mahmut Topal and several TACCI member company representatives.


After the breakfast, TACCI President Celal Secilmis, Consul General Mr. Mehmet Samsar and Mr. Yavuz Ozutku himself made speeches and thanked TACCI for the organization of the event. Then Mr. Secilmis presented Mr. Ozutku a plaque as a thank you for all his support during three years, on behalf of TACCI Board of Directors.


Mr. Ozutku has helped and supported TACCI at all times and he has always been a very professional colleague for all of the Turkish community, from small business owners to people with simple questions. His new assignment will be at IGEME (Export Promotion Center) in Ankara, however, he will always be an honorary TACCI representative for us. We are wishing him best of luck with his new career.






TACCI Expands to Long Island



Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) took part at the Nassau Trade Show organized by Cardinal Trade Group on November 9 at Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York. TACCI also had participated at the Brooklyn Trade Show, organized by the same group on September 14, at which TACCI was an Official Community Partner and the sole Turkish organization and one of the few chambers of commerce that was a part of the event, just like this one. Many TACCI member companies including Shirt by Shirt, HSBC, Turkish Airlines, LTB / CAK Textile, Elite Turkey Tours, ENS Global Marketing, Marmara Manhattan Hotel, Chinook Science, Ziraat Bank, Vakifbank, ATA Freight Lines, Gulluoglu, Herzfeld & Rubin, Kulen Law, Dervish and Derya Staffing were promoted via printed materials distributed throughout the event. Hundreds of participants visited TACCI's section during the visiting hours and they were given information about TACCI's history, structure and activities, by the President of TACCI, Mr. Celal Secilmis and Director Mr. Safak Dogan. Overall, it was a very efficient exposure for TACCI and its member companies. Sincere thanks from TACCI to all of the Sponsors, Exhibitors and Attendees for making it a productive day of Business in Nassau.


 By Mark Meirowitz, TACCI Board Member

On October 20, 2010, at the Turkish Consulate in Manhattan, some of the members of the Board of Directors of the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting with Turkey's Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Zafer Caglayan.

Minister Caglayan made some remarks about his activities. He then gave those assembled the opportunity to introduce themselves. TACCI's President Celal Secilmis then briefed the Minister on TACCI's work and he also suggested ways in which TACCI could be an important and valuable component of the Minister's US-Turkey trade strategy. It was suggested that TACCI would be in a good position to help implement the objectives and goals that the Minister has charted for the improvement and increase of Turkish-US trade and investment.

The Minister began his career as a businessman and industrialist in the 1980's. He became chairman of the Ankara Chamber of Industry in 1995 after serving as acting chairman. He served as Vice President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) for many years.  Minister Caglayan began his political career in 2007 as an elected MP for Ankara 2nd District. He was appointed Minister of Trade and Industry, and then assumed the position of Minister of State in May 2009.

The Minister has travelled around the United States to meet with American businessmen (including in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston) in order to promote increased bilateral US-Turkey trade and investment. In these meetings with American businessmen, the Minister is able to apply his years of business experience and talk "businessman to businessman" in a very effective way for the purpose of promoting his important messsage, that of deepening and diversifying the economic relations between the US and Turkey - and increasing trade levels with the US.

Prior to the Board briefing, earlier in the same week, Minister Caglayan had given a very important keynote address at the American Turkish Council Conference in Washington, D.C. In addition, the inaugural meeting of the US-Turkey Framework for Strategic Economic and Commercial Cooperation also took place in Washington, D.C., attended by Minister Caglayan and Economy Minister Ali Babacan, for Turkey, and for the United States, the meeting was attended by US
Trade Representative Ron Kirk and US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke.

At our briefing, the Minister demonstrated extraordinary leadership qualities - he is a good listener and is extremely gracious to everyone (including people like myself who were meeting him in person for the first time.) After listening to the presentation of TACCI President Secilmis, and the comments of the Board members, the Minister responded with concrete ways in which TACCI could become an integral part of trade strategy as it affects the US. All of the Board members present were greatly honored by having had the opportunity to have a private briefing with so distinguished a leader from the government of Turkey.

Also present at the New York TACCI briefing with the Minister were Consul General Mehmet Samsar, Commercial Attache Yavuz Ozutku, as well as officials from the Turkish Ministry of Trade.

Mr. Celal Secilmis Attended the 1-Week Delegation Visit of ACCE and Also Took Part at the Opening of New York State's First Office in Istanbul


Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) joined its peers in Turkiye and co-organized a very important series of events with the initial leadership of Turkish - American Businessmen Association (TABA/AmCham). More than 40 business leaders and politicians traveled from different parts of USA to attend this trip, including TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis, between September 19 - 26.


This event was organized by Turkish American Businessmen Association (TABA/AmCham), Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI), Honorary Consul of Republic of Turkey in Georgia Ms. Mona  Diamond, Istanbul 2010 European Cultural Capital Agency, Izmir Development Agency (IZKA), Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO).






ISTANBUL: September 19-20-21


Istanbul was the first part of the trip. The participants were hosted by the Istanbul Cultural Capital of Europe 2010 Agency. The first evening, the guests were welcomed by a dinner at the SuAda Island in Bosphorus. The next day, Garanti Securities hosted the group at a seminar about the Turkish Economy. The same evening, a dinner was organized where Ministers Mr. Zafer Caglayan and Mr. Hayati Yazici met the group. On the next day, TIM (Turkish Exporters' Association) organized a business luncheon where Minister Egemen Bagis was the guest. On the evening, ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) organized a dinner where many special guests including the Mayor of Istanbul Mr. Huseyin Avni Mutlu, Mayor of Beyoglu Mr. Ahmet Misbah Demircan, The Consul General of the United States in Istanbul, Mr. Scott Frederic Kilner and several board members of ITO. TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis made several speeches at the events and many people praised TACCI's and other organizations' efforts to increase the trade relations between two countries. This trip was also important for the fact that the delegation was mainly formed of chamber presidents instead of politicians. Many Turkish counterparts claimed that it was very impressive to see more than 18 chambers visiting Turkiye to observe the investment opportunities.








KOCAELI: September 22


Kocaeli, the most industrialized city of Turkiye is also the eastern neighbor of Istanbul and it was the second city on the route of the delegation.  The first stop was Anadolu Health Center (an official partner of John Hopkins Hospital) where the guests were given a seminar about the rapidly-increasing Health Tourism in Turkiye by Mr. Metin Cakici (Surgeon General) and they were informed about the future opportunities. After the tour and the lunch at the hospital, the delegation was taken to the Ford Otosan Factory which has been producing in  Turkiye since 1965. The group was given a tour and a brief introduction about the company's history. After that, the group was taken to production facilities of TAYSAD members (Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manifacturers). The next stop was Kocaeli Chamber of Industry (KSO). The delegation was hosted by the President of KSO and TACCI Board Member, Mr. Ayhan Zeytinoglu. Then, a match-making event took place where the local businessmen met their American peers. The guests spent the night at a hotel inKartepe Skiing Center.







  BURSA: September 23


Bursa, also one of the most industrialized and biggest cities of Turkiye was the third city to be visited. The delegation checked in at the legendary Celik Palas Hotel and they had a welcome luncheon there with the mayor and the municipal president. The group was hosted by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and they also paid a visit to some historical sites and they attended a special Mehteran (Ottoman Army Band) Show. The group also visited the mayor at his office and they were given a briefing about the history of the city. Finally a dinner was organized where the group met the leading businessmen of Bursa.







IZMIR: September 24-25

Izmir Development Agency (IZKA) and Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO) were the hosts for the group at the fourth and the final step of the one week visit. The delegation was taken to ESBAS (Aegean Free Zone) where they attended a match-making event. Then they visited the Space Camp. Next stop was the headquarters of IZTO. The group also had the chance to visit nearby historical and touristical sites like Cesme and Ephesus.








Mr. Celal Secilmis attended the opening of New York State's trade office, which is the first official representative office of a US state, established in Turkiye. The office will be the direct gateway for the business people who are interested in investing in New York state. The offices are located at the World Trade Center of Istanbul and Ms. Ally Gunduz will be directing the operation in Istanbul. A special reception at the Esma Sultan Mansion of Bosphorus was held where TACCI Board Members Mr. John Driscoll, Mr. Nazim Kalkanci, Ms. Gulay Oguzcan and  Mr. Celal Secilmis were also present.  






Zafer Caglayan says "TACCI is the First Address For the Turkish Companies Entering US"


caglayan On October 20, Wednesday at 11:30 am, Mr. Zafer Caglayan, Minister for Trade of Republic of Turkey, met several members of Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) board of directors at the Turkish Center in New York. TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis updated Mr. Caglayan about the latest events and services of TACCI, and then the other board members introduced themselves and their businesses. Mr. Caglayan expressed that he was very proud to see an organization like TACCI emerge and grow like this and he claimed that he was one of the few people who initally urged the chamber to be established. Mr. Caglayan also added that TACCI is and has always been the first address for the Turkish companies that are looking to do business between Turkey and the US, and he is hoping to see TACCI member companies achieving more goals in the near future, regarding the increase of the bilateral trade between Turkey and the US. Caglayan and the board members discussed the Turkey - U.S. Economic and Commercial Strategic Cooperation Framework and exchanged ideas on how they can contribute to it, for which the first ministerial meeting took place in Washington on October 19, Tuesday. Zafer Caglayan listened to the requests and problems of the board members and took notes. Caglayan and his delegation will proceed to Toronto on Thursday and they will participate in the Turkish - Canadian Business Council Forum. 


manhattan boroTACCI joined the representatives of New York's Turkish Community in a visit to Mr. Scott M. Stringer, Borough President of New York City's very heart, Manhattan. Mr. Stringer and his team partners welcomed Mr. Turan Ayaz (Senior Program Manager at Port Authority, NY & NJ), Mr. Ali Cinar (Vice President of Assembly of Turkish American Asssociations), Mr. Safak Dogan (Director of TACCI), Mr. Jon Kaplan (Vice President of Federation of Turkish American Associations) and Mr. Ridvan Sezer (Founder of and TACCI Board Member). Mr. Stringer expressed that he was very happy to have close relations with the Turkish Community in NY and he added that he is always ready to work together in the future. Mr. Cinar suggested Manhattan to become sister cities with the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, which is also the heart of Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkiye. Mr. Stringer ordered his colleagues for the legal framework to be prepared as soon as possible. TACCI Director Mr. Dogan also informed Mr. Stringer about the event and the services of the chamber, and passed the sincere greetings of the TACCI Board to Mr. Stringer.






Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) took part at the Brooklyn Trade Show organized by Cardinal Trade Group on September 14 at the Steiner Studios in Brooklyn's famous Navy Yard. TACCI was an Official Community Partner and the sole Turkish organization and one of the few chambers of commerce that was a part of the event. Prior to the event, TACCI informed all its members about the event and many TACCI member companies including Shirt by Shirt, HSBC, Turkish Airlines, LTB / CAK Textile, Marmara Manhattan Hotel, Chinook Science, Ziraat Bank, Vakifbank, ATA Freight Lines, Gulluoglu, Herzfeld & Rubin, Kulen Law, Dervish and Derya Staffing were promoted via printed materials distributed throughout the event. Also, many flyers of the "Turkish Days in New York" event were distributed to the attendees. Hundreds of participants visited TACCI's section during the visiting hours and they were given information about TACCI's history, structure and activities. Overall, it was a very efficient exposure for TACCI and its member companies. A sincere thanks from TACCI to all of our Sponsors, Exhibitors and Attendees for making this a fantastic day of Business in Brooklyn. 





 TACCI Young Executive Committee organized a networking event with Italy - America Chamber of Commerce on September 23, Thursday, at the posh Hudson Terrace with the attendance of more than 60 Turkish and Italian young professionals, who had the chance to meet their peers and enjoy the beautiful view of Hudson River. This event was a part of the networking events schedule of the TACCI Young Executive Committee which will continue throughout the year.



Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) organized an members-only networking event at The Marmara Manhattan, Premium TACCI Member hotel, located at the Upper East Side with its amazing view and luxury rooms. The event was hosted at the newly-renovated lobby with the attendance of more than 30 guests, on the evening of October 14, Thursday. The participants had the chance to meet the other members and discuss about possible future collaborations, as well as enjoying the wines, light refreshments and hors d'oeuvres offered by TACCI and The Marmara Manhattan.


Annual TACCI Iftar Dinner at Serra Bistro on 09/02




Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TACCI) hosted a very exquisite "Iftar" dinner which brought together many TACCI member companies and individuals. The dinner was attended by more than 70 people. Midtown's Serra Mediterranean Bistro was the location to this delicious gathering, and Chef Claude Solliard and the friendly staff of Serra made it a wonderful experience for everyone.

Serra Mediterranean Bistro was opened only six weeks ago at its convenient location in Midtown and with its innovative perspective on adding a healthy twist to authentic Mediterranean specialties from regions such as Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Northern Africa, it's already a hit among many foodies. 

TACCI Annual Iftar Dinner hosted specials guests like Ambassador Mr. and Mrs. Mithat Rende, Mr. and Mrs. Fazil Corman (Deputy Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN), First Counselor Mr. Levent Gumrukcu, Turkish Commercial Attache  in New York and TACCI Board Member Mr. Ahmet Canli, Director of Turkish Cultural Center in New York Mr. Zafer Akin, ATAA Vice President and TACCI Committee Member Mr. Ali Cinar, General Manager of Vakifbank New York Mr. Yildirim Eroglu, General Manager of Ziraat Bank New York Mr. Hakan Yuksel as well as TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis and members of the board of directors and committees: Mr. Tahir Erimli, Mr. Salim Gorur, Ms. Yasemin Koyunoglu, Mr. Mark Meirowitz, Ms. Gulay Oguzcan, Ms. Sevil Ozisik, Mr. Ridvan Sezer, Mr. Huseyin Unver  and TACCI member company representatives. This exclusive member-only event also brought together brand new members like Sovereign Bank and Aztec Builders LLC which were welcomed by the others.


We would like to thank to the generous sponsors of the night: Serra Mediterranean BistroCalik Holding USA (TACCI Member) and Vakifbank New York Branch
 (TACCI Member).

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry President Mr. Ayhan Zeytinoglu's Visit to NY

Kocaeli Chamber of Industry President Mr. Ayhan Zeytinoglu visited New York to attend the montly TACCI Board meeting and meet his peers for the first time. Mr. Zeytinoglu was assigned by TOBB as the new TOBB delegate in TACCI Board of Director, couple months ago, and it was his first time meeting the rest of the board. Mr. Zeytinoglu is also a board member at Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) of Turkish Union of Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB). 


TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis and Mr. Ayhan Zeytinoglu first paid a visit to Turkish Consul General of New York, Mr. Mehmet Samsar. After this visit, they attended the TACCI Board meeting which was held at the Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf LLP meeting room with a spectacular view of Manhattan. The board meeting met Mr. Zeytinoglu for the first time and Mr. Zeytinoglu expressed his content about the warm greeting. Mr. Celal Secilmis also expressed his belief in the collaboration of TACCI and TOBB and he stated that with the support of Mr. Zeytinoglu, the bond between the two organizations will be stronger than before.


Later on, the board members gathered at the Serra Mediterranean Bistro for an elegant dinner, held in honor of Mr. Zeytinoglu's visit. This exclusive dinner event was open to TACCI Board members and TACCI Premium members. The group was also joined by New York Consul, Ms. Pinar Senturk Sevi, Turkish Commercial Attache and TACCI Board Member Mr. Ahmet Canli, TOBB USA Representative Ms. Neslihan Kaptanoglu. Mr. Ayhan Zeytinoglu thanked TACCI for hosting him all others who joined them.
Young Executive Committee Networking Event @ Roger Smith Hotel

TACCI Young Executive Committee held its first networking event on July 21 at the lush midtown Roger Smith Hotel. The event gathered dozens of Turkish and International young professionals in New York and the crowd enjoyed the drinks specials and delicious treats of Henry's Rooftop Bar, along with the spectacular Manhattan views. The event was attended by TACCI President Celal Secilmis and Mrs. Secilmis, TACCI Young Executive Committee member Ms. Gulay Oguzcan, TACCI Young Executive Member Mr. Kucuk Gungor Bag, Italian - American Chamber of Commerce Young Executive Committee President Ms. Francesca Lovo and vice-President Mr. Gianpiero Pagliaro and many others.

The event was a successful kick-off for the members and friends of TACCI to discover new networking opportunities. Fore more information about the committee, you can contact TACCI Board Member and Committee President Ms. Derya Taskin via TACCI Office.

June 28:
Turkish Food Show at Chelsea Market


Turkish Food fans & Food Industry Professionals Gathered at the Most Delicious Networking Event of the Year

     TACCI hosted hundreds of food enthusiasts at its latest networking event at T-Salon of Chelsea Market, on the evening of June 28, Monday. The event was created to bring together the “Fancy Food Show” attendants, Turkish restaurants and food distributors in the US, TACCI member companies and Turkish food fans. The event was held at “T Salon” located in Chelsea Market, New York. More than a hundred people enjoyed the Turkish food, Turkish wine and “raki”, desserts, nuts and dried fruits, offered by some of the most popular Turkish restaurants in town. Also T-Salon’s exclusive tea cocktails were served to the guests. At the end of the evening, the guests had the chance to enjoy a promenade at the beautiful High Line Park, located right next to the Chelsea Market. Among the guests were Consul General of Republic of Turkey Mr. Mehmet Samsar and Mrs. Samsar, General Manager of Danish American Chamber of Commerce Mr. Morten Zolde and Mrs. Zolde, Secretary General of Aegean Exporters Association Mr. Sezmen Alper.




     Mr. Orhan Yegen of Sip Sak restaurant, Mr. Claude Alain Solliard of Serra Mediterranean Bistro and Ms. Miriam Novalle of T Salon, served their specialties and shared their stories with the guests. Many food companies which were also present at the Jacob Javits Center for the “Fancy Food Show” came to this exclusive “after-party” and got behind the story of our great Turkish Culinary History. Rated among the Top 3 cuisines from around the world, Turkish Cuisine is becoming more popular day by day and it can be discovered by numerous Turkish restaurants in the city.





      We would like to thank everyone who showed up and celebrated the Turkish Food Show with us. Also, our special thanks to those who made this event possible: Sip Sak Restaurant (Mr. Orhan Yegen), Serra Mediterranean Bistro (Mr. Claude Alain Solliard), Gulluoglu Baklava Café (Mr. Ercan Karabeyoglu), Taskin Bakery (Ms. Derya Taskin and Mr. Kadir Taskin), Vintage Food Corporation (Mr. Levent Demirgil), The House of Burgundy (Mr. Mehmet Yorukoglu), Nar Gourmet (Mr. Samir Bayraktar).

May 13:
Gateway to International Trade 

TACCI Participated at "Gateway to International Trade Conference" and Represented Turkey



Turkish American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) participated at this year's "Gateway to International Trade" and made a presentation about Turkey, Turkish Economy and the current investment opportunities for the foreign investors. TACCI President Mr. Celal Secilmis made a presentation about Turkey, and then a 10-minute clip about Turkish economy was shown to the guests in Turkey session. At the end, Commercial Attache of Republic of Turkey in New York, Mr. Ahmet Canli made another presentation and answered the questions from the attendees. The guests were also given giftbags, full of items, complimentary from TACCI member companies like Turkish Airlines, The Marmara Manhattan Hotel, Gulluoglu Baklava Cafe and etc.

Among the participants, there was Brazil, Canada, Greater China and surrounding areas, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, briefings were presented on topics including IFRS, U.S. Tax Structuring of Outbound Investments, Citibank International Trade and Banking Solutions, and Structuring Transactions to Minimize Duties and Penalties.

TACCI would like to thank the organization committee for a successful event.



J.H. Cohn LLP, one of the top 15 accounting and consulting firms in the United States, and Citibank’s Commercial Banking Group, a leading provider of commercial loans to small- and medium-sized businesses, in affiliation with Nexia International, the world’s tenth largest global provider of accounting, tax, and business advisory services, presented the Gateway to International Trade conference on May 12, 2010 at the New York Marriott Marquis. More than 450 people, including business owners and executives, attended the conference.


The international trade conference afforded U.S.-based businesses with plans to expand internationally, as well as foreign-based enterprises importing goods or services into the U.S., the opportunity to speak with international business experts from J.H. Cohn, its associates from Nexia member firms, and Citibank Commercial Bankers, as well as foreign trade consultants, about global expansion and the unique aspects of doing business in each country.


Attendees of the half-day conference had the opportunity to attend their choice of three breakout sessions focusing on trade opportunities and business practices in specific countries and regions, including Brazil, Canada, Greater China and other Asia-Pacific countries, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Professionals from top U.S. trading partners and emerging markets around the globe gave briefings on trade and banking in their country as well as presentations on specialized international trade topics, such as IFRS; U.S. Tax Structures for Outbound Investments; Structuring International Trade Transactions to Minimize Duties and Penalties; and an International Banking Solutions Showcase by Citibank.


“This is an unprecedented time for global business, and as international business and accounting standards continue to shift, it is paramount that corporate executives stay abreast of how they will be impacted and the opportunities that exist in a global economy,” said Roy W. Hoffman, CPA, J.H. Cohn partner and the Firm’s Nexia International liaison. “Attendees expressed that this event was an exceptional opportunity to network and share information with others involved in international trade.”


Seth Pinsky, president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), presented at the general session about New York City’s role in the nation’s international trade programs.


John Ahern, Global Head of Trade within Citi's Global Transaction Services business, presented on trends in global trade, the value of trade finance for internationally focused businesses, and Citi's leadership in these areas.


Gateway to International Trade was supported by the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with World Trade Week NYC, as well as by the chambers of commerce of many of the countries represented at the event.  The conference serves as an unofficial kick-off to Manhattan’s World Trade Week, which began Monday, May 17, 2010 and for which Hoffman served as chairman for the fifth time.


April 6: Panel Discussion on The Energy Sector in Turkey


The president of TACCI and TACCI members attended to a Panel Discussion between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm on 6th of April, 2010 at Chadbourne & Parke LLP. The American Turkish Society Presented the Panel on The Energy Sector in Turkey. The conversation was about the latest developments and investment opportunities in the energy sector in Turkey with a particular emphasis on renewable energy. The panel was moderated by Governer George E. Pataki and the speakers were Onur Goker, Ali Iz, Sameer Shukla and Adam S. Umanoff who are experts in their businesses. The panel was sponsored by Chadbourne & Parke LLP.

TACCI General Assembly and Presidential Elections 2010


The leading Turkish – American business organization of the USA, Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) held its Annual General Assembly and the bi-annual elections for a new Board of Directors, on March 16, 2010, at The Turkish Center in New York at 6 pm. The assembly elections were attended by the majority of the current TACCI members and by Vice Consul Mr. Basar Sen who also made the opening remarks. After the introduction of the agenda by Ms. Sevil Ozisik, and following the review of the previous term, the attending members voted for the new Board of Directors, Audit Committee and the Disciplinary Committee. According to its bylaws, 18 out of 20 members were elected based on the results of the voting process. The other two permanent members of the board are the Commercial Attache of Turkey in New York, and the US Representative of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB).






The newly-elected Board Members of Turkish - American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TACCI) gathered at the first board meeting after the General Assembly, and internally elected the new President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer and the Secretary General of TACCI. We would like to announce that, Mr. Celal Secilmis will be serving as the new President of TACCI, after his precessor Ms. Sevil Ozisik, who will also serve as a Vice President in the new board. The full list of the TACCI Board of Directors can be found below. The new TACCI Board of Directors will serve for a 2-year term and TACCI will continue its mission to contributing to increase and foster bilateral trade and investment opportunities between U.S. and Turkey with the support of its members. 








Mr. Celal Seçilmiş,

Seckin Management, Inc.

Vice Presidents
Mr. John Driscoll,
Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP
Mr. Tahir Erimli,
Elite Gold, Inc.
Ms. Nazım Kalkancı,
C.N. Wire Corporation
Ms. Sevil Özışık,
Haker & Ozisik LLP
Mr. Mahmut Topal,
Calik USA, Inc.

Mr. Hüseyin Ünver,
Unver & Unver.

Secretary General

Ms. Nur Ercan Magden,
The Marmara Manhattan Hotel

Board of Directors
Mr. Burak Alpaslan,
Vital Planning Group LLC
Mr. Ihsan Baytan,
Turkish Airlines
Mr. Ali Doğan,
Ali Baba Turkish Cuisine, Inc
Mr. Salim Görür,
Dervish Restaurant / Mavis Development Corp. / Bella Mia 
Mr. Metin Kalkavan,
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB)
Mr. Mark Meirowitz,
Mark Meirowitz, Attorney at Law
Ms. Gulay Oguzcan,
Tulair International, LTD
Mr. Cengiz Oguzhan,
Ata Freight Line Ltd.
Mr. Yavuz Ozutku / Ahmet Canli,
Turkish Consulate General, Office of the Commercial Attaché
Mr. Ridvan Sezer, / Trusa NY Corp.
Ms. Ipek Sokman,
Turkish Express Line, Inc.
Ms. Derya Taskin,
Derya Staffing & Consulting

Disciplinary Committee

Mr. Ali Cinar,
Western Union
Mr. Ulfet Saricicek,
Ak Market Deli & Grocery, Inc.
Mr. Kadir Taskin,
Taskin Bakery, Inc.

Audit Committee

Ms. Fatma Aldas,
Axa Advisors
Mr. Oguz Alpoge,
Next Information Systems, Inc
Ms. Yasemin Koyunoglu,
Fort Lee Federal Savings Bank, FSB

Substitute Members of Board of Directors
Mr. Omer Adsiz,
Dunya Telecom / Dunya TV
Mr. Mehmet Bayraktar,
Orizzonte Development


Mr. Safak Dogan - Director
Ms. Gamze Demirkan - Public Relations Assistant
Ms. Didem Karlidag - Public Relations Asistant
Ms. Selen Sen - Public Relations Assistant





Sevil Ozisik and Kirstin Myers during their opening speech

  TACCI and Globond joined their powers together and created an exquisite gathering on January 21st, at the New York Athletic Club. The event hosted many distinguished guests, Turkish and International business leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world. The night was hosted by Philip Berry, and it featured the following speakers: H.E. Ertugrul Apakan (Turkey's Ambassador to the U.N.), H.E. Mehmet Samsar (Consul General of Turkey in New York), Sevil Ozisik (President of TACCI), Kirstin Myers (Founder of Globond), Elizabeth Rose Daly (Director of International Business) and Fatima Shama (Commissioner of Immigration) from Mayor Bloomberg's office and Mert Goker (spokesperson for the Platinum Sponsor ATA Freight Line).

Among the attendees, there were also internationally famous celebrities, such as Montel Williams (Emmy winning TV host and actor), Sinem Saniye (Turkish American singing sensation who also made a performance during the night), Carol Massar (famous Bloomberg TV anchor) and Cathy Maguire (Internationally famous Irish singer).

Governor David A. Paterson also sent his greetings with a special letter.





PLATINUM Sponsor: ATA Freight Line



GOLD TABLE Sponsor: The Marmara Manhattan

 SILVER Table Sponsors: Derya Staffing - Pano Displays








Many thanks to the generous sponsors who
made this event possible:

The Marmara Manhattan (GOLD TABLE SPONSOR)
Pano Displays & Graphics

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