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Monday, 21 January 2013 23:25

Yuksel Seeds Co. is a Turkish seed research and production company which has worked on the improvement of hybrid vegetable cultivars. The company operates throughout Turkey and has been awarded the 'Seed Researcher Foundation Certificate' by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. With over 25 years in the market, today Yüksel Seeds is the largest company producing and marketing vegetable seeds in Türkiye. With 100 % national capital and a complete modern infrastructure, Yüksel Seeds is proud to supply our customers with a consistent source of high quality vegetable seeds. 

Yuksel Seeds Co. is the largest vegetable breeding company in Turkey, Balcans, Middle East and Africa which specifies mainly on hybrid tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, squash, melon, watermelon and rootstocks cultivars. Currently, Yuksel Seeds has 5 research and breeding stations in addition to 210 hectares of land. An area of 65 hectares of land is used to accommodate several glasshouses used for breeding purposes. Our headquarter located at the site is the operational unit, with seed producing, conditioning, packaging and quality control, laboratory and administration. With
fully equipped laboratories run by highly qualified technical staff, and management offices, our company has developed high quality hybrid vegetable varieties through different breeding programs for over 25 years and will continue to do so in the future. Innovative products with high genetic potential and excellent physiological quality for the professional segments. High technology seeds aimed at the professional markets.

The varieties have been bred and produced solely by Yuksel Seeds Co. Our varieties of high production, resistant to diseases and high environmental adaptability qualities will provide for all requirements. Product development team is divided in to 8 segments following a trend in global market segmentation and specialization. We believe our high quality varieties will be of utmost use. To stay on the leading edge and further progress we believe in maintaining good relationships with the academic world - in Turkey and globally.We have a very rich diversified tomato breeding program – including all types tomato breeding program – with all the types in our portfolio. 
Our Tomato breeding program evolved through years –from producer centric to consumer centric. Our tomato breeding program was initially led by the producer’s requirements. 20-30 years ago to producers demanded high productivity, high yield varieties. Later on chain stores and marketing companies requirements became a priority:  More lively color, perkies, longer transportation and shelf life varieties took precedence in our breeding program.  Today, our breeding program is consumer focused: Demand for high lycopene content, high vitamin C, taste, scent, aroma, safe food are shaping our breeding program. Additionally our export focus required us to diversify our program to include different varieties for differeing regional tastes: Spain with its demand for types that are harvested when still green. Italy with cherry and cluster. US demand were for beef and roma types with high resistance to viruses. South America:  resistance to bacteria. These developments led our firm towards a breeding program with implementation of newest scientific methods. Today, we are able to breed and produce all types of tomatoes.

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